AR-NE Exists!

Dear members of the Romanian community of New England,

For the past several months, Boston Romanian Professionals (BRP) has had the pleasure to invite you to several social and professional activities (informational seminars dealing with immigration, personal financial planning, speed-networking, watching the World Cup final, and other picnics and social gatherings.) The enthusiastic response of the participants and the ideas they shared with us has been encouraging and has convinced us to develop our organization to better serve the interests of the local Romanian community.

We are pleased to announce that we are in the process of incorporating our group as a non-profit organization in the state of Massachusetts, as a membership association, named Association of Romanians in New England (AR-NE).

Our vision for AR-NE is as a platform for promoting Romanian organizations and initiatives in the New England area, to facilitate and put into action the energy and creativity of the community.

Please visit us at for more information about our motivation, objectives, and internal organization, as well as about our future activities.

We will continue the tradition of professional events started under the aegis of BRP and will extend our activities into other areas as suggested by our members. Besides the volunteers from the previous BRP team, we hope to attract other people and organizations to become involved in AR-NE projects. We hope you will all able to come to our Romanians of New England Fair, scheduled for the 4th of December, 2010, where we will present our projects from 2010 and our vision for the future. We hope this fair will inspire visitors to become AR-NE members, vote a Board of Directors, offer support either by volunteering or by making a financial contribution.

We hope that this small beginning will be beneficial for our community and that the Association of Romanians in New England will benefit from your support.

Thank you,
The same team of of volunteers from BRP, now AR-NE.

The AR-NE logo was created and donated to us by Raluca Grigoriu, many thanks for the excellent work.