Professional Seminar on Romania’s New Business Realities

The Association of Romanians in New England (AR-NE) organized on the 19th of June, 2012, and informational seminar on Romania’s New Business Realities. Hosted at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in South Boston, the seminar included two presentations: “Against the Tide: Romania’s New Business Dynamics” by Dan Dimancescu, President of BEH llc and Honorary Consul of Romania in Boston and “RomaniaIT – The New Reality: A shift from labor-based offers to added-value services, R&D and innovation” by Sorin Gavanescu, VP Outsourcing at ANIS Romania and CEO at IT SIX Global Services and Dan Tusaliu, VP Business Development IT SIX Global Services.

Mr. Dimancescu’s presentation focused mostly on the business opportunities available in Romania, given the current geopolitical and geostrategic conditions in Eastern Europe. Special mention was made of the great potential in the automotive, petroleum and gas industries. Mr. Dimancescu also shared his views on the tourism industry, as well as the improvement in the general trends in society despite the limiting factors of infrastructure, education and judicial system.

The presentation of Mr. Gavanescu and Mr. Tusaliu offered an overall summary of the current state of the IT industry in Romania and detailed the scope of ANIS (Romanian association of software and services providers), which is to promote Romania as a country with tremendous capacity and potential for IT business. The last part of the presentation focused on the mission and experience of IT Six: to create business solutions in the IT field and to promote value added service in the IT industry of Romania.

Both presentations resulted in lively exchanges of ideas between the presenters and the audience; hopefully they will bear fruit in some future collaboration. AR-NE will continue to organize these kinds of events in the future based on the favorable comments received from audience members.