Spring Fair / Targul Martisorului

February 29th from 11:00 am – 4:30 pm

Payson Park Church, 365 Belmont St., Belmont, MA


Veti putea gasi bijuterii, accesorii vestimentare, decoratii, bunatati de casa, si alte daruri. Sigur veti gasi ceva pentru fiecare. Vom celebra apropiata venire a primaverii cu bucurie, frumusete, si creativitate.
In anticiparea zilei de 1 martie, nelipsite la acest targ vor fi traditionalele Mărţişoare.
Vom avea de asemenea cateva mese de afaceri, unde detinatorii de businessuri locali isi vor putea face cunoscute activitatile si serviciile.

Vendorii sau detinatorii de afaceri interesati in a participa la targ sunt rugati sa trimita o aplicatie pana la data de 17 februarie 2020. Pentru a obtine o forma de aplicatie, sa orice informatie, va rugam sa o contactati pe Andreea Onofras la:
Cell:857-523-5292 unde puteti sa ii trimitei si SMS.

Orice donatii vor fi mult apreciate, orice suma ne va ajuta sa organizam in viitor evenimente pentru comunitate. ARNE ieste o organizatie non-profit 501c3 scutita de taxe, iar donatiile dumneavoastra for fi de asemenea scutite de taxe.

A place where you can find jewelry, fashion, decoration, homemade goodies and other great gifts. There’s sure to be something for everyone on your list—even a treat for you! We celebrate upcoming spring with joy, beauty and creativity. A visit to a craft fair is a quest to this universe, to look for hidden gems, because is never too much to keep your dearest ones surprised and happy.
In anticipation of 1st of March, the fair will be a great opportunity to find beloved Mărţişoare, a tradition older than 7000 years to celebrate arrival of Spring in Romania by offering and exchanging little amulets tied with a intertwined red and white string.
We also plan to have several business tables where local small businesses can make themselves known.

Vendors and business owners interested in attending the Fair can submit their application by 02/17/2020. Please contact Andreea Onofras for any question or to get the custom form at:
Cell:857-523-5292 or send her a text message.

Any donation at the door will be much appreciated, any amount will help us organize future events for the community. ARNE is a non profit 501c3 tax exempt  organization and your donation are tax deductible.