Frequently Asked Questions

How can I subscribe to your newsletter?

Please click here to subscribe to our newsletter, which goes out about once a week and contains the latest information about the events happening in the Romanian community of NE. To browse the archive of newsletters, click here.

How can I help?

If you wish to contribute with a financial donation please visit our donations page.

There are a number of ways in which our young organization AR-NE can use your help, please see our volunteers page.

Please contact us with any additional questions.

Are donations tax deductible.

Yes, the IRS recognized our organization’s public charity status, AR-NE being now considered a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization.

How is AR-NE structured?

Presently, AR-NE is made up of volunteers working together to coordinate events and activities.

The first elections for the Board of Directors took place on August 2011, when out of 11 nominees 9 Directors were elected. The board subsequently selected an Executive Committee composed of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

When was AR-NE founded?

The ideas which form the basis of AR-NE were discussed in December 2009. Activities began to take take place at the beginning of 2010, coordinated by the Boston Romanian Professionals (BRP), an unincorporated entity at the time. BRP changed it’s name and scope to that of AR-NE and was incorporated on October 13th, 2010. Please see the page about the history of AR-NE.

How can I propose a new project?

Currently AR-NE coordinates and hosts a relatively small number of activities mostly due to the limited volunteer resources we posses. Your proposals for new events and activities, to be undertaken in collaboration with AR-NE, are very welcome. Please contact us with your suggestions.

Where can we meet?

Please stay tuned to our announcements, either by email, website, or posted on the Facebook or LinkedIn platforms. The announcements will specify the location as well as other details of the event.

Likewise, we would like as many people as possible to participate in our organizational meetings which are held periodically, in hopes of increasing the number of our volunteers. Please indicate your interest in joining us by contacting us directly, and we will promptly send you the address where you may join us.

Where are your Articles of Incorporation?

Here are the articles of incorporation, as submitted to the state of Massachusetts on October 13, 2010.

Where are your Bylaws?

Here are the current Bylaws of AR-NE. These may be modified as described therein.

Do you have a presence on the social networks?

Our group has a presence on

View Boston Romanian Professionals profile on LinkedIn
Follow AssocRomNE on Twitter

On LinkedIn we have retained the old Boston Romanian Professionals mission and objectives.

My question is not covered here.

Please contact us with your question and we will do our best to answer it.