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AR-NE invites you to visit the Auburndale Community Library where a Romanian language section of around 300 books has been established by ARNE. Many thanks to the Auburndale Community Library and our generous book donors for making this possible.

We are currently in the process of collecting and cataloging donated books (and CDs and DVDs), please see the catalog section below for current titles. This process should take another couple of months, and we ask for your patience and understanding during this time. If you are interested in helping in this effort, consider becoming a volunteer with ARNE or with the ACL, or consider donating books to the Romanian section or to the ACL in general.


375 Auburn Street
Auburndale MA 02466

617 552-7158

Public Transport:
1. Take the D Line to the Riverside T station followed by a 0.9 miles walk or a bus 558 ride.
2. Take the commuter rail (Framingham/Worcester Line) to Auburndale station followed by a 3 minute walk.

Hours of Operation

The Auburndale Community Library is open:

Tuesdays 10am – 3pm
Thursdays 3pm – 8pm
Saturdays 10am – 3pm

Please check online in case these change, such as during inclement weather.

Checking Out Books

Anyone can get a library card, you do not have to be a Newton resident or an AR-NE member. Please see this page for instructions on obtaining a library card.


All Romanian language books have a Call Number starting with “ROU”. The following sub-categories are currently available : ROU Fic, ROU Non-Fic, ROU His, ROU Poe, ROU Child, ROU Youth. Click on the “Search” button below to get a list of all the Romanian language books generously hosted by the Auburndale Community Library.

Book Donations

If you wish to donate books to AR-NE, we are looking all kinds of books but especially those on our wish list (to the right) and those meeting the following criteria:

  • Books in good condition, with a sturdy spine and cover. Some usage and minor tearing is OK
  • Recent fiction, especially by Romanian authors
  • Children’s and Young Adult books
  • CDs and DVDs with Romanian language content
  • Non-Fiction books are OK, as long as they are for a general audience

Please understand that we will make every effort to put all donated books in circulation, but given that we currently only have space for a limited amount of books we reserve the right to decide which books will be in circulation and which will be kept in storage. Books that don’t generate interest will be taken out of circulation. Books that become too damaged will be taken out of circulation. If we have multiple copies of books or run out of storage space, we will try to either find another home for the books, or sell them to raise funds for the AR-NE library. All books are property of AR-NE, and not the Auburndal Community Library, so if the situation of the library changes we will make every effort to find another partner library and relocate the books there.

When donating books, please write any dedication, such as “Donated by Joe to AR-NE in 2012.”, before donating the books. Please contact us at to arrange a drop off, which may be done at (inside front porch):

21 Angier Circle
Newton MA 02466

Thank you in advance for your donations,
The Association of Romanians in New England

Libraria Românească din Montreal

For those looking to buy books in Romanian but don’t have time to make it to Romania, the Romanian bookstore in Montreal is a valuable resource.

Romanian Bookstore in Montreal