Meeting with Mr. James Rosapepe, former US Ambassador to Romania – Report – Cambridge, MA [ Oct 2 2011 ]

On Sunday, October 2nd, 2011 we had the pleasure of hosting His Excellency, Mr. James Rosapepe, former US Ambassador to Romania (between 1998 and 2001). The meeting took place in one of the lecture halls of Harvard University and was attended by 30 people from both within and outside the Romanian community.

Mr. Rosapepe presented his recently published book (“Dracula Is Dead: How Romanians Survived Communism, Ended It, and Emerged since 1989 as the New Italy”), written together with his wife, Mrs. Sheila Kast (professional journalist) and then answered numerous questions on his experiences during his tenure in Romania and on Romania in general.

We would like to thank Mr. Rosapepe for coming to meet with us. During both the duration of his term as US Ambassador to Romania and after that, he not only lobbied a lot for Romania and encouraged American investments, but also tried to understand the history and core values of Romanians as an unique nation in Europe to allow him to best represent the interests of both the US and Romania and facilitate a close collaboration.

We would also like to thank those who helped or offered to help with the organization of this event as well as those who attended, and hope to be able to continue in 2012 these types of meetings with important personalities for the Romanian community of New England.

The Romanian Association of New England